Cloutank M3Cloutank m3 is a remarkable and extraordinary product that is available in stores at present time. Pure metal material is used in its manufacturing and elegant of Pyrex glass tube used in it make it more profitable and useful product .The patent design M3 chamber allows user to remix the tobacco under the chamber without opening the chamber , that permit the user to burn all of the tobacco leaves inside. This cloutank m3 has a unique, delicate and fashionable appearance. It is also secured with over charge protection and over current protection.

Nothing quite divides anti-tobacco advocates currently just like the discussion on whether or not e-cigarettes will truly facilitate folks quit. Thus a report like this on Tobacco management analysis and Education surely draws the attention.

The science on e-cigarettes remains young, adding to the confusion round the burgeoning $1.5 billion business that the federal agency can shortly regulate. Absent federal oversight to this point, deliver plant toxin through a volatilized liquid rather than burning tobacco.

Researchers writing in JAMA general medicine found that use of e-cigarettes wasn’t related to “greater rates of quitting roll of tobaccos or reduced cigarette consumption” when one year. The authors reached the conclusion supported self-reported information from 949 smokers, including eighty eight who used e-cigarettes.

Cleaning air holes

One of the best features of this cloutank m3 is that the cleaning procedure of this product is very easy which make it handier.

  • Step 1-The air chamber and the coil of this M3 are detaches to avoid intensive damage while cleaning procedure.
  • Step 2-Automatic cleaning is key feature.
  • Step 3- cloutank m3 vaporizer package includes the cleaning brush which you can use to clean the air holes. These are the some other alternative method that you can use for cleaning.

Why to write this article

The main and important motive behind writing this article was to give the user accurate and sufficient information regarding this marvelous and crafty product. This product is a revolutionary change from the traditional method and gives the best experience to the user when he uses it. Its specification resistance ability and its compatibility will never let you down.


Thus from the above described feature we conclude that this cloutank m3 is suitable and an appropriate product that is being wildly and broadly used by many users. It will always deliver you the best possible comfort which will make you feel euphoric.

Achieve the Perfect Vape with Vivi Nova

vivi nova Over the past few months we have tried several different combinations of e-cigarette tanks to achieve the perfect vape. To say the least our journey has been quite difficult, however upon stumbling onto the Vivi Nova Tank which was recommended by one of our colleagues we were extremely impressed.

Vivi Nova Kit V2.5

We decided to test out the Vivi Nova Kit V2.5 which is known as a tank system and is responsible for holding the e-cigarette liquid. All though the Vivi Nova is sometimes mistaken for a clearomizer, it has earned its reputation as being a “tank system” considering its phenomenal abilities in holding excessive amounts of juice.

Perfect for New Vapers

Unlike other kits the Vivi Nova kit is extremely simple to use. First and fore most this tank is reusable which means that every time the atomizer head becomes clogged, it can be replaced by a new atomizer head. Second of all the tank is surprisingly easy to clean, fill, and vape than other tank cargo systems. The tank is very easy to maintain and has little up-keep required to keep it functioning as brand new.

Vivi Nova- The build

Upon opening the box of the Vivi Nova Kit V2.5 we noticed that instead of one atomizer heads there were actually two different heads with different ohms ratings. Do not be afraid, ohms simply dictates the resistance the head of the atomizer has to the power flow. This is crucial when it comes to customizing the settings so that the vapor and flavor production meets your standards. Many people enjoy high vapor and flavor production which is why it is better to go with a higher ohms setting. Luckily enough the replacement heads that come with the Vivi nova head are available in ohms ranging from 1.8 to 2.8.

Usage and Reliability

The fitting of the tank is a 510 connection which is the most widely used fitting in the e-cigarette world, to name a few the popular Ego is a 510 connection. This makes it easy to fit the tank with several batteries which come in the 510 selection. Aside from having a highly compatible connection we also noticed that the Vivi Nova can withstand the common wear and tear that electronic cigarette tanks are exposed to. First and foremost there was absolutely no leaking of e-liquid which is a definite plus. The ability for this tank to last for several weeks is not uncommon either. We have heard that the atomizer heads last for well over a month even after heavy usage. Many of us who use tank systems are victims to carrying around a bottle of e-juice to constantly refill our tanks, however with the Vivi Nova this is not an issue. For the Vivi Nova you simply have to fill up your tank in the morning, considering the tank holds a massive 3.5ml amounts of e-juice!

Is it worth it?

In our experience of testing different electronic cigarette products we have never been so satisfied by a such an easy to use tank. It is common misconception that using a simple tank will provide less than satisfactory vapor and flavor production, but this is definitely not the case with the Vivi Nova tank. All though you will have to be careful when going out and purchasing one of these tanks, since there are tons of fakes and copies, we guarantee you will not be dis-appointed when you get your hands on an original Vivi Nova. With the tank retails at $12.50 it really is a steal and is leagues below in cost when compared to high end tanks that perform in exactly the same manner!

Electronic Cigarette – Smoking And Flu

The winter season is almost always associated with colds. This is not surprising, since it was in the cold season, outbreaks of epidemics and the whole of such diseases as acute respiratory disease, flue and others.

Physicians state that people who smoke are more susceptible to microorganisms that cause winter ailments. First of all, this is due to less resistance of the body’s inability to timely destroy alien viruses and bacteria. One of the main promoters of human immunity is considered vitamin C. An important feature is that it is sufficiently quickly broken down and removed from the body. In a smoker, this process takes place at an accelerated pace. For this reason, the immune system loses the necessary substances. In such circumstances, it can not effectively protect human health in the fight against viruses. Increased intake of vitamin C can not be considered a solution. The fact that tobacco contains cadmium. This heavy metal is the interaction with vitamin C may provoke the emergence of a much more serious diseases such as cancer. That is why the shortfall of a substance can be downright dangerous.

Smoking during illness also dangerous. In the research of U.S. scientists have proved that the immune system of a smoker rather reacts specifically to the distribution of microorganisms. Tissue organs are affected much more severely. Decision for the person who wants to strengthen the immune system, or to get rid of colds is to abstain from smoking, and ideally renunciation of habit. There is another alternative such as using the electronic cigarette. Firstly, electronic cigarettes contain no harmful compounds that may hinder the absorption of vitamin C.

In addition, the body of the person using the e-cigarette combustion products do not fall and other harmful substances. An additional effect of smoking electronic considered inhalation, have a positive effect on the organs of breathing air. Using electronic cigarettes reduces the probability of acute respiratory infections, SARS, flue and other ailments, as well as simplifies the course of these diseases.